Social isolation gives us an opportunity to work in our own gardens.

Here is a selection of images from Maghull in Bloom volunteers

garden collage: Chris Barnett

fire buckets:  Tony Robertson

camellia: Sheila McGuinness

tree peony:  John Hill

exochorda macrantha: John Hill

erythronium: John Hill

pansy: Sheila Robertson

tulip: John Hill

japanese acer: John Hill

weigela: Anne Hill

daffodil. primrose and apple blossom: Chris Riley

clematis montana: Anne Hill

forsythia: Pat King

clematis: Pat King

quince:  John Hill

two clematis:  John Hill

poppy:  John Hill

three pictures by Chris Riley:  pansies, strawberries and a yellow flower that I know but cannot put a name to.  What is it Chris? Please!

five more photographs from Chris's garden, one of which shows what you can do with rhubarb

Betty's tulips have run riot this year

rambling rose: Anne

clematis Nelli Moser:  Pat King


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secretary John Harrison

telephone 07388 284197


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