We surveyed members of the public and supporters

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In a more in-depth survey we asked several open questions.

Here is a selection of the answers we received

Do the projects carried out at Central Square, other area planters, the Leisure Centre planting with fruit trees with free fruit for the community, the canal and parks litter picking make any difference to you, your friends or family?

What are the differences if any?


  • They make a lot of difference, when so many of us are spending more time locally and discovering walks that we didn’t know existed.  To see that someone has taken the time to make an area beautiful for us to look at as we pass by is lovely,  we have all started to realise what is important in life and looking after our local area is one of them and great for the children to know that it matters to look after nature.


  • Displays in square are lovely and always cheer me up; good for mental health. Also fruit at meadows is good.  Feel good factor when you see the flowers especially in winter.  Excellent work. Good luck with finding Grants etc.


  • The displays certainly lift the mood, especially in these tough times and the thought that volunteers are prepared to give time freely restores faith in humankind  


  • Yes. Greatly improve the appearance of the town and we enjoy looking at them. The litter picking makes the canal look much tidier.  


  • MIB makes a huge difference to the quality of life of Maghull residents.  Without their efforts the public spaces would look very utilitarian as Councils retreat into core responsibilities. I travel by train and have to say Maghull Station & its environs is by far the best on the Network. Likewise with the Canal Towpath, as you leave Maghull there is a notable deterioration in standards. Our shopping parades are all 1960s almost Stalinist architecture but MIB efforts brighten even those spaces.


  • The flower displays around Maghull done by MIB do make a difference. They brighten up the area and make it look more attractive. 


  • Yes, makes us feel good if we are down, keeps us feeling good if we are already feeling good, makes us realise it's a good community we are part of, (there is more good than bad out there) keeps the spirit of doing good yourself alive in yourself.


  • They brighten up the town especially Central Square; without MIB it would be very depressing.


  • The MIB displays around Maghull make a huge difference. Their presence cheers up gloomy days, the colours, the displays are often starters of conversations between adults and children alike. The impact on Mental Health and Wellbeing is enormous. The railway station is a talking point of those beyond our local area.


  • The flower arrangements make a huge difference to me on my walks. As I approach them I feel so happy to see them in all their beauty. How could I not? Nature is our miracle at this awful Covid time and the flowers encapsulate the wonder.



Are there any other areas in Maghull that you think MIB could work on, eg, a bee corridor, with insect friendly plants?


  • Hedgehog houses - they are becoming more and more extinct

  • Bug houses to encourage the wildlife

  • Corridor for insects and bees would be good also bird and BAT boxes.

  • All three of the above would aid the environment.  

  • No. I think you have enough to deal with at present.

  • MIB could indeed think of other projects such as Bird Boxes etc, if they can do that it would be wonderful.

  • I think bird boxes may be a good idea as the rooks and magpies seem to be taking over our gardens of late and smaller birds are missing out

  • What you suggest sounds good to us

  • Possibly more emphasis on insect friendly plants.

  • Involvement with local schools and encouraging younger members of the community workflows be beneficial to all. The educational aspects and involvement of such a thriving volunteer group  could become part of the Personal Development curriculum - volunteering is one of the objectives. There is already an established network across the Maghull schools which could be a useful resource to tap into.

  • In light of the environmental worry about bees and their work I think a bee corridor a must.

Do you think the work being done by MIB during this time is more important and why?


  • Very much so, being able to appreciate the land around us is more important than ever, we are very lucky to live in an area that has such natural beauty around that brightens your day on a walk.

  • The square looked stunning this summer with all the flowers in bloom, makes you proud to be a resident. 

  • It makes the place look brighter and better. And it makes me smile.

  • Only getting out for short periods, seeing something beautiful and colourful becomes more important. It’s hard to stay positive, so anything pleasing or pretty has a very positive effect 

  • Yes. In this gloomy, depressing time, the flowers brighten your outlook and mentally lift you

  • The pandemic is having very serious impacts on mental health and stress levels, even for the most resilient individuals, so our environmental surroundings become more important. I am also aware of broken windows theory of crime reduction, areas vulnerable to crime, such as canal towpaths, become safer if criminals suspect those areas are under a capable guardian, MIB litter picking and flower beds provide capable guardianship and deter crime

  • I think especially during the pandemic to see lovely displays of flowers lifts people’s spirits and may also give them ideas for their own gardens.

  • Yes, because we are hardly getting out of Maghull these days of the pandemic, we are 69 and 70 years old, the displays are good for young and old and so it follows good for society

  • The social benefit is important, especially during lockdown, but it is very difficult to maintain social distancing

  • During the pandemic, the MIB work made a tremendous difference. More people were out and about walking- as that was the only thing we were allowed to do. People appreciated nature and their surroundings more. The beautiful displays inspired people to have a go themselves in their own gardens. Ordinarily, it would not have occurred to them to have a go at planting or gardening. We as a family, have bought many of the plants which we have first seen and discovered in the MIB displays. Thanks to MIB we too have some nice arrangements in our garden.

  • Definitely more important than ever that we have flowers in our environment. Life can get very mundane in lock down but walking where flowers are lifts the spirit and nourish the soul.

Do you have any general comments?


  • I too, who don't do an awful lot these days, am very grateful to all the lovely people who give up their time to help brighten our town.  What a different place it is today, from when the Group started, which to me, at the time, seemed an impossible task.  How wrong I was.  Congratulation to you all, on a job well done.

  • Maghull in Bloom makes a massive difference to the community and really lifts the area making it a more pleasant place to live!

  • The square is in dire need of regeneration and without the plants it would look really run down.  As someone who lives round the corner I would really miss them if Maghull in Bloom were not able to continue their fabulous work.

  • The flower displays at various sites in Maghull brighten up my day as well as the town itself. And give me ideas for my garden. All my friends and family agree that they are an asset to the town. Since I found about the various free fruit by the town hall, I shall be over to see  if I can make use of any. So this could save me money.

  • I think the idea of helping the birds and the bees is excellent and one which perhaps schools could be I involved In.

  • The work of the volunteers during the pandemic has been so good. To see so many good-hearted people doing their bit to promote normality as well as bringing pleasure to all the residents has been tremendous. I would go so far as to say they are on a par with the key workers.

  • Doing a really good job

  • Good work

  • They’re wonderful

  • What you do is magnificent

  • It’s all  excellent

  • Doing a marvellous job

  • Keep going

  • What about green roofs on bus stops

  • Carry on the good work

  • Love the drive past the barrier baskets

  • Walking along the canal I notice the flowers

  • Good, nice to see

  • Admire and appreciate everything

  • The nicest place we’ve lived, and we’ve lived all over the borough

  • Keep up the good work

  • Massively brightens the place up

  • We need this to lift peoples’ spirit, wellbeing, mental health all the time plus fabulous for the environment

  • Best display ever this year

  • Sense of pride

  • After working full time and attending crafting groups and many other social groups, including being available for the family, suddenly ending up with Covid lockdown and isolating  was a complete life changing and difficult time for me.  MIB was my lifesaver and it continues giving  me a purpose,  social contact and a feeling of being part of something, part of a "family" of likeminded people, you are valued, achieve more and realise that you still have a lot more to give during these difficult days. It's like medication but you don't need to see a doctor for a prescription, just volunteer for MIB, it’s as easy as that. MIB will do the rest!

  • I had another different comment from a new next door neighbour, he said he and his wife were driving around the area looking for somewhere to move to and came through Maghull with all its planting, it was one of the things that drew them to Maghull and eventually into our close, where they are busy tearing apart their new home !!, They felt there was a commitment in Maghull area to make the town look good for the residents here and it was the impact of the planters and colour in the square that was the deciding factor for them to move here.

  • I think you do an amazing job

  • You do a wonderful job

  • Believe me I know the displays make a big difference to a lot of people and the work you all do is very much appreciated

  • I think fruit orchard is great

  • Consider converting grass verges to wildflowers

  • Good to plant along the canal because that’s where people walk

  • Thank you for all you do - it warms my heart

  • Nice to see changing flowers with the seasons

  • Very colourful displays

  • A big lovely thank you for making Maghull much brighter

  • Seeing volunteers working together is good for children. I would like to see children and families involved

  • Thank you. Good to see volunteers - encourages people to volunteer - unemployed to learn new skills