the Leeds Liverpool canal


Having the canal snaking its way through Maghull is a wonderful linear asset which both walkers and cyclists use to get about the Town. Working with the Canal & River Trust our volunteers provide towpath flower tubs at Hall Lane, Shop Lane and Green Lane swing bridge locations. We are also delighted to have a dedicated group of litter pickers who keep the whole length of the towpath through Maghull free of litter with their regular litter picking sessions.

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In addition to the planters the canal is a haven for wild flowers, birds, insects and animals

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mallard and chick A4.jpg
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three photographs from John's early morning walk along the canal, so well looked after by the team of litter pickers

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This is a statement of general policy of Maghull in Bloom for Leeds & Liverpool Canal Volunteer Litter Pickers



The volunteers for MiB work in an unsupervised capacity, at times to suit themselves, along the stretch of Canal Towpath from Lydiate to Melling.

It is important that they should exercise care at all times to ensure their own safety and follow the basic guidelines as set out below.


  1. Where possible work with a companion.

  2. Do not attempt to collect any litter or debris from the canal itself.

  3. Do not walk within one (1) metre of the canal bank.

  4. Avoid working on any sloping surfaces or banking that may be a slip hazard.

  5. Do not attempt to climb over fencing or barriers to reach litter.

  6. Wear High-Vis jackets, gloves and use litter pickers provided. Do not pick up litter with bare hands, especially broken glass. If pickers come across used needles do not pick these up as they need to be disposed of in a sharps box. Inform John Harrison of any such finds and he will inform the landowner.

  7. Any volunteer, taking prescribed medication, should ensure that such medication will not affect their ability to work safely.

  8. All volunteers should wear appropriate footwear whilst working on the canal

  9. Volunteers should maintain a distance of 2 metres from each other when working together during the pandemic and only use their own equipment which has been provided to them.