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We want to continue and develop the work we do and we always welcome and need new volunteers and fresh ideas. 

There are lots of opportunities available to start now:

  • taking roles;

  • working alongside existing post holders

  • work experience

We’re looking for people who like to work with others, in teams, who can bring existing expertise or are keen to extend their experience.  There is a list of opportunities below, but if you just want to join in some of our work sessions you would be most welcome.

Anne Hill, Chair of Maghull in Bloom

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Maghull in Bloom has a strong local presence and massive local support:

  • wide range of free outdoor activities; meet new people; make new friends

  • high profile with local businesses, residents, Councils

  • more volunteers than ever before

  • good financial situation

  • 14 strong committee and post holders

  • professional advice, guidance and support for all we do

  • one of the leading volunteer groups in environmental improvement across Maghull

  • Registered Charity status

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Volunteering opportunities available now:

  • taking notes of key decisions at meetings and recording them

  • continuing and developing links with local businesses

  • press liaison – working with our website and Facebook managers

  • liaison with site owners

  • liaison with local government officers

  • managing a site display

  • applying for grants

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