end of a Covid 19 summer

Much of what was in place still looked fine ....

At the Leisure Centre volunteers prepared beds of perennials for autumn and winter

... but there were some gaps where plants had died back at the end of the season ....

... so we bought a load of violas ....

... discussed how and where to use them ....

... and set to work.  Sheila danced, Anne prayed and everyone joined in.

The end results look great and will fill out to provide a colourful display right through until next spring.

At the final working session of the season the Town Clerk shows her approval ...

... and the team try to remember where they buried the treasure

The geranium Rozanne tries to convince that it is still summer ...

... and an agapanthus thinks it must be spring

This crocus knows that mid-January is the time to show its colours.


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